Saturday, 27 November 2010


1a. If your fighter comes 1st (gold coin), 2nd (silver coin) or 3rd (bronze coin) you are allowed to start creating a gang. You can display your gang's name and total winning/ participating points in your stats section on your new images. They could be wearing/using the prizes you won previously. As your gang grows think of a clever way to display all your fighters.

1b. If your fighter came 1st (gold coin), 2nd (silver coin) or 3rd (bronze coin) they win the privilege to fight again but they MUST be in a different pose. 

1c. Playing a winning fighter is not compulsory but winning a competition with a previous surviving champion doubles your exp!! Once in a gang, all members are safe from deletion and can be reused in a new battle although if a gang member looses a round you cannot add a new character to your gang.

1d. All other fighters that aren't in a gang and that fail to qualify in each round are out, dead, battered, finito! You have to find a new fighter! It's tough on the streets!
1e. By default every non-qualifying artist in the round gets 1 point for taking part. So don't worry, anyone can start to build a gang after 5 non-qualifying points!  These 'non-qual' points also buy a new fighter (same cost= 5 points) for gangs on a loosing streak! You deserve to, with that amount of tenacity :) so remember to keep a tally and add a single point to your exp. 

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