Tuesday, 17 August 2010

August 2010: Forest Folk concept update

Forest Folk Update!!
After a few months of distractions (real life) and other priorities, Forest Folk 1.4 is finally under way. I still anticipate at least another month before the next update is out but at least we have got the ball rolling again!
In the mean time I want to upload a few concepts I have been working on in my spare time of certain characters that will play a big roll in the Forest Folk 2.0 universe.

Plus the evil side of the FF world is beginning to claw its way through....

JULY 19th 2010: Urban Art Fair, Brixton

First pencil scan of 'Soulful Towers'

A collection of pics charting the progress of the Soulful Gallery's mural design and its execution by myself and Chang 204 at the Urban Art Fair, Brixton, London 2010.
Photos of the day taken by Amonamission