Tuesday, 30 November 2010


'Pssst....Pass the message on to every brawler, grave robber, deserter, crook and wrong 'un:
Word on the street is that Round 2 of 'On The Cobbles', the ultimate Victorian mixed martial arts competition, is going to be kicking off in the old graveyard, behind the Gob and Throttle, London's roughest pub!!'
Think Jack the Ripper meets Million Dollar Baby! 

1. Your fighter can be male or female, any nationality and age but must have a name and unique ability or skill to bring to the brawl! 
2. Your character must have the look and feel of someone from the years 1800-1899. 'Modern' looking fighters will be instantly disqualified*
3. Think about location/setting etc. clue is in the intro :)

------- FORMING A GANG --------
IMPORTANT! If your fighter qualifies (top 3) you can form a gang!
For info and rules click HERE

------OTHER RULES-------

4. No hitting below the belt**
5. All weapons to be handed in at cloak room.***
6. If you're first to arrive you buy the drinks!****
7. I can change the rules whenever the hell I want, dammit! *****
8. What was the question? 

* Except time travelers and one trick ponies
** Just kidding
*** Excluding hidden weapons and trade tools
**** Make mine a double
***** So there!

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