Monday, 23 January 2012

JAN 2012..Over half a YEAR of blog silence PART 4! KIRIN BEER!!

AUGUST 2011 saw the SOULFUL CREATIVE create a 'pop-up' Japanese restaurant for Kirin Beer. You can read more about the gig HERE but here is a bit of what I created for the urban-style backdrop to the joint :)
It was created with SPraypaint, acrylics, molotow pens and about a gallon of wallpaper paste. Oh and the bricks in the back? yeah...painted by hand. See the SG blog (mentioned above) for more pics of us hand-painting a million and 5 bricks!

JAN 2012..Over half a YEAR of blog silence PART 3- MINDSHAPES (july 2011)

JULY 2011 saw me take on a full-time role as illustrator and animator for Mindshapes. Check out the site to see what we're all about. There's so much art I have produced that I would love to show off but sadly can't!

BUT I can show you some in-app stuff. Here are a couple of screenshots of my work (the animals I painted here were originally designed by Christian Garland) from the app 'Lingo Zoo'. Its a fun little puzzle app for young children to learn basic spanish words.

JAN 2012..Over half a YEAR of blog silence PART 2 (may/june 2011-ish)

....Around the same time as Upfest I managed to create some new paintings for the Soulful Gallery....
Click HERE to see the new ones plus some other available prints and original paintings!

JAN 2012..Over half a YEAR of blog silence PART 1 (UPFEST june 11).

Hi Everybodies!
I've got some serious catching up to do and I'll try and get everything in the right order so here goes....

June 2011 saw myself, Dan Wilson and Koze AKA The Soulful Crew at UPFEST. We had an epic time burning up the place with our massive piece 'Trinity'. Here's some early concepts, the final digital illy and some pics from the day ( All images Copyright Dean Soden/ Soulful Gallery) :