Tuesday, 14 July 2009

JUNE 09: "SAMPLED" contemporary dance and art installation

I had an amazing evening creating live visuals in the bar of  Windsor's Firestation Arts Centre, as part of 4motion Dance Theatre's   show "Sampled".  
People packed out the place to see Dance, Live art (both digital and material!) and live music (see the attached flyers and credits).
I have also attached my final, weird illustration. I really enjoyed creating it, especially coz I was up in the DJ booth along side DJ Al and music producer Dave Darch, A.k.a AweKid who was rocking some dark and funky soundscapes. I hope he's not too insulted by the crazy direction of my image...it was directly inspired by his tunes!
I was working via photoshop on me laptop and projecting onto the bar wall.
Loved every minute!


I am proud to announce that the new urban art collective 'Soulful Gallery' (of which I am a proud member) enjoyed our debut exhibition with a live graffiti/illustration demonstration and an art gallery selling limited edition prints and original works of our art.

The event took place at the Village Life arts and crafts Centre nr Reading where the public could watch myself and Chang 204 'decorate' a London Underground tube train! In fact the train was on an enormous piece of canvas which had been pre-painted (full size!!)by the  collective's founding member Mark 'Koze' Crowther.


Photography by Amon-a-mission.

APRIL 09: Rusty can-control and samurai Tatts!

Fresh off the back of my exhibition, I was invited to paint some characters at a local youth centre with an old mate who happens to be a graffiti genius!
It was my  first tentative steps back into graff, not having sprayed anything since 1992!! It's not like riding a bike.... it didn't just come back to me, I remembered the drips and sore index finger and getting high as a kite from the fumes...happy days!! 
It's a start. 

A close friend of mine recently commissioned me to develop one of my images of a Samurai, so he could get a tattoo of it and here it is..... Fresh off the needle!!!! What an honour.