Sunday, 5 December 2010


Word has spread far and wide about 'On The Cobbles', the Victorian age's ultimate mixed martial arts competition!
From the dark lanes of London, blackened by soot and choaking smog,  to the genteel tea shops of England's country villages, more and more groups meet in secret to experience the thrill of the dual.

Be warned!!
This week's challenger may seem meek and mild but she brings a sinister talent! An educated mistress of the dark arts, she brings the power of the Ouija board and all it can muster. What she lacks in strength she more than makes up for with her spectral attacks!!!
And now, in her desperation to claw her way to the top of the heap she has unlocked a door we fear no-one can close! 
Follow the flashing lights to her town house in Kensington (You should see the strobe lighting blasting through her dining room window!). 

Can your fighters stand up to the power she has unleashed?
Will you have to summon a dead warrior yourself and bring some polter-powers of your own?!

Does anyone know a good priest that can sort this mess out?!?!
What time does the movie start???

1. Your fighter can be male or female, any nationality and age but must have a name and unique ability or skill to bring to the brawl!

2. Your character must have the look and feel of someone from the years 1800-1899. 'Modern' looking fighters will be instantly disqualified* IF YOU DESIGN A 'SUMMONED' GHOST THEY CAN LOOK LIKE THEY ARE FROM AN EVEN OLDER PERIOD!!!!

3. Think about location/setting etc. clue is in the intro :)

------- FORMING A GANG --------
IMPORTANT! If your fighter qualifies (top 3) you can form a gang!
For info and rules go to:

------OTHER RULES-------

4. No hitting in the cassocks**
5. All weapons to be handed in at cloak room.***
6. If you're first to arrive put the kettle on****
7. I can change the rules whenever the hell I want, dammit! *****
8. What was the question?

-------- POINTS ----------
1st place, Gold coin + 12 points + virtual prize worthy of a winner as tough as a coffin nail.

2nd place, Silver coin + 6 points + virtual prize worthy of a runner-up because you're kind of popular.

3rd place, Bronze coin + 3 points + virtual prize because being the worst of the winners makes you the best looser!

Default participation prize = 1 point plus Week 2's random item drop! You'll find that under the week 2 certificate on my blog.

Be sure to display your gangs exp. points on your next entry plus any medals you have won!

Points will be totaled up at the end of fight season and who knows what the hell might happen then!?

Once the Winning fighters are announced make your way to to collect your certificate!

Your names will be scribed next to your prize.


* Except time travelers and one trick ponies
** unless you are a cheating son of a *%&$£, which is fine!
*** Excludes Crucifix, crystals and Holy Water-guns
**** two sugars please
***** So there


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