Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dec 2014- Some old shhhh.... Part 2

During the early days of the 'App Store gold rush' I really wanted to get a piece of the action and started creating the concepts and art assets for a game. I spent almost every waking hour working on this and have a vast library of flash animations for this little guy. I'll render those out one day soon but in the mean time here is the concepts for Chee-Chee. It ended up morphing into the mini-game Forest Folk which you can see the post for here...blimey almost 4 years ago!

DEC 2014- Some old SHHHH......

I did this way back-in-the-day for a pitch (2008-9 I think). They didn't go for it but I was happy with how she came out. I used to work like this...PENCIL drawing, scanning, colouring?! Pre-Cintiq days of old!

Dec 2014: Pop portraits

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

DEC 2014- Mind Candy: vis-deving from Spring '14

Here's a collection of seemingly-random concepts. I was given two weeks during the spring to have a play with the concept of a world-building (or destroying!) game. I guess I don't really do casual/ mini-games all that well; all these seemed to balloon into expansive worlds filled with their own strange creatures. It would've been amazing to have the chance to take some of these further than Photoshop :)  


DEC 2014- Old work from December 2011!

After rooting around for recent work I stumbled across a project I worked on three years ago! I was working at a company called Mindshapes and was just on the verge of launching my second app there called 'The Opposites'. While the app didn't exactly set the App Store on fire, I really enjoyed working on this, especially the early stages. It was probably the last time I did any significant animation work too (maybe I'll render some of the sprite sheets out one day) but it was the character design part where I had the most fun. Here are some of the final passes along with some in-game shots. I learnt a lot on this project, particularly the fact that I shouldn't be let anywhere near UI design (apologies to the more sensitive graphic designers viewing these!):

DEC 2014- Project Random- part 1

Topic- 'Transvestite Leech Farmer'
Topic Source- Don't ask.....

Dec 2014: Round-up part 5

Oh and I also moved up North. I did this last christmas on our last day before the xmas holidays but I've just found it again....and it's COLD up here!

DEC 2014- End of a couple of years work/ round-up part 4!!

Here's some more vis-dev work for Mind Candy which re-imagined the Moshi Monsters world in 3D throughout late 2013-early 2014. This was such a fun project, with one of the best teams of devs and artists; Such a lovely bunch of people and I miss working with a lot of them, although I now work with a few of the team on World of Warriors, which has just about been the most awesome job for me EVER (I will post up some stuff soon!).

DEC 2014- End of a couple of years work/ round-up part 3!

Continuing on with some other fun stuff, My time at Mind Candy started with a couple of amazing Moshi Monsters Projects. Here are a few of my favourites:

Moshlings are baby Moshi Monsters (as if you didn't know that already!) but here are some MOSHLETS, which are baby Moshlings. It was also a chance to work with the incredible Nana Li, who sketched these ultra-cute things out originally. You can see the smaller original in-game character illustrations by the larger new concepts.


Friday, 12 December 2014

DEC 2014-End of year round-up part 2

As mentioned in my previous post, the majority of this years work has been related to the PopJam app. A major part of the in-app chat are the stickers. Here are a few I created for it:

Back Yard Battles:

Fat Cats:

...and my personal favourite: Princess Rose, here's the original thumbnail sketch too :)

And of course The Beans, vomiting rainbows or whatever!