Friday, 24 September 2010

Sept 2010, illy No.2

We are all a bit heartbroken here at the moment at Latchford Towers.  Holly, our much-loved family dog was put to sleep earlier this week after finally succumbing to the various ailments that had troubled her for a few years.

Holly, a little West Highland Terrier with a BIG personality, joined our family aged 5 years old after we collected her from the RSPCA rescue centre. She enjoyed a comfortable ( spoiled??!) little life with us for about 8 years and her passing has left a huge gap in our lives.
Being a freelancer and working from home meant I had a constant companion and whilst the house seems very empty with out her there is still a very strong sense of her presence.

She will be irreplaceable.
Anyway, I thought I would do her a little painting.

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