Wednesday, 21 January 2009

March 2007

Hello and welcome to my March 07 entry! Here's what's been happening:

My (old) agency Jelly got a great four page article in this months Computer Arts. They asked me to write a few words about what it's like being on their books. It's great exposure as I get a nice little profile box on the Job I did for Honda (see above)! Feb 07 also saw the 1st anniversary of Jelly's launch so there was a little birthday party at the Conningsby gallery, London.

This month also saw me trekking up to Soho to spend a few days animating at TH1NG animation Studios to work on a new series of Kwik-Fit "weather" adverts the feature before and after the Channel 5 news. I spent 3 days animating a washing line and the pants swinging on it!! 

Just finished a concept design for Hasbro too but dunno if it'll ever see the light of day (see above also).

Finally, this saturday sees our animation for "just for the kick" playing on the bill for the Birds Eye festival. It's actually a festival for women-only film makers and because 2 of the 3 of us who made the animation are female we made it in!

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