Wednesday, 21 January 2009

JAN 08

Happy New Year!!
Some announcements:
 Following on from the news that our animation for "Hometime" has been nominated for A British Animation Award 2008, I have some important dates for the preview of our animation :

We are on at the National Film Theatre, London Programme 2, showing Fri. 8th and Sun 17th Feb 2007.

There are quite a few other venues around the UK which you can check out at the BAA website.

Above you can see the official guide to the nominees and my subtle response!!

"Hometime" has also been nominated for an award at Festival Du Clip, France. It's the 2nd time our collective Smuggling Peanuts  has been nominated at the festival. In 2006 we were nominated for 'Best music video' (see an earlier blog) for our work on Coldcut's promo "Just for the Kick".

i was very Kindly asked to talk at a "Creative careers" seminar, a 2 day event for all the schools in the Thames Valley area. I was part of a group of three and we each had to talk about what it's like to earn your daily bread by being creative!!!
there were Dj's. musicians, dancers, actors and actresses, landscape gardeners, artists and many more!
We got a great response form the kids (hats off to them for managing to stay awake!)and their teachers plus it was a great way to network!

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