Tuesday, 19 October 2010

OCT 2010: Big Jaws and polar paws

Another Sketchoholic jam: 'Big Jaw'.

Had fun with this one, although I almost threw the lappy through my window after Photoshop froze on me THREE FRIKKIN' TIMES! Saving work often is hardwired into my brain but occasionally we get carried away and forget to save.....well, that happened 3 times too many today. Tonight I'll be dreaming about being run over by giant, rainbow-coloured wheels.
So, didn't get to submit this finished version into the comp today as I had to do a school talk today about creative careers. I didn't mention about being so consumed with anger and frustration at your computer that you try and eat the keyboard.

Anyywaaay, I have also posted a couple of illo's that are part of a commission I have created for a series of school books. I like working in this style, it's good fun and really is my 'bread and butter' style. Most of my commissions are in this style.

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