Sunday, 7 March 2010

FEB/MArch 2010 New Soulful Gallery paintings on their way!!

I have begun the next series of paintings for The Soulful Gallery exhibitions lined up later this year!
There seems to be a few familiar symbols and motifs trying to get through again including tattoos, tentacles and skulls. They are fun to painting anyway and it seems like I need to get these out of my system before they let me move on so for the time being here are a few of my works-in-progress!!!
The first two are pics of a piece I have temporarily named "zodiac" (sorry about the quality !). The last image of zodiac is a photoshop version where I have painted over some of the grey washes in the original headdress and I think I am going to have to repaint it, because it looks much more dynamic. Shame, I've got some wonderful 'happy accidents' that i just don't think I am going to be able to replicate :(

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